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Business Development & Training
Business Development & Training
Business Training & Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leveraging Time for Money
  • Tax Planning & Return Preparation


Corporate Training & Workshops

  • Financial Wellness Workshops                                       - Women, Wealth & Wisdom                                               -  Diversity Training


  • In-house Education Programs


Financial Services
Financial Services 
Retirement Education Planning

Retirement & College Planning

Personal (Traditional / Roth IRA)

Business (401k/SEP/SIMPLE Plans)


Estate Planning

Wealth & Income Preservation

Living Will

Durable Power of Attorney

Medical Directive

Income Protection
Income Protection

Income Protection 

(Life Insurance, Auto & LTC)

90 Minute Financial Challenge

D.I.M.E. Theory

Personal Financial Analysis

~ Education Initiatives ~
Podcasts, Blogs & Workshop Series
Our goal at Dreamscapers Unlimited is to give our clients the confidence needed to succeed financially. We do this through our educational platform with workshops, podcasts, blog series and virtual sessions.

Women’s Empowerment Workshop (Fine, Fabulous, Financially Free and Favored™ )

Our Women’s Empowerment Workshop is geared toward female CEOs, racial minorities and other marginalized communities, and leaders in the community who are the financial decision-makers in their family.
If you are interested in understanding the keys to building generational wealth, then this class is for you. During this workshop, you will learn:

• The foundation for building your financial house
• How to create a Legacy Plan for generational wealth
• The importance of shifting your mindset by letting go of limiting beliefs and scarcity thinking.

We want you to walk away from the workshop feeling more empowered with the knowledge and tools to move forward in your financial journey. You’ll be provided with a customized plan to help put you on the road to financial freedom.

Christian Financial Stewardship Workshop (Magnify Your 90 ™)
Are you a faith-based person who’s interested in helping your community? Do you understand the principles of stewardship but are unsure of how to put it into action? Then the Christian Financial Stewardship Workshop is for you.
This workshop is geared toward helping solve the economic disparities in families. Takeaways include:

• Learning fundamental financial concepts
• Breaking negative financial patterns and habits
• Protecting deficits and financial resources
• Increasing financial resources of the ministry
• Learning how to build and leave an inheritance
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